Low Back Pain

80% of people will have low back pain at some point in their lives.  This can be a debilitating and stressful situation. Have you ever bent down to pick up a penny and not been able to get back up or sat at your computer for too long and found you  were super stiff when you wanted to get up.  Your low back takes a lot of stress and keeps on going… until it doesn’t.  Think about your body weight being distributed, your low back (and SI) are where your body weight goes from one structure to two structures (your legs).  If there is breakdown in that distribution it can irritate your nerves and cause pain. Your body is a machine and if one gear starts to break down the entire system gets compromised.  This is where chiropractors come in. We find out what specifically is causing your issue and fix the problem. No messing around with medication that just masks symptoms, we are the detectives that find the cause of the symptoms and fix them.  Low back pain has tons of research promoting chiropractic, it is safer than surgery or medication and  faster recovery with adjustments. Don’t suffer, I am here to help you.