Striding through your Sixties

If you’re following along with our generation fitness blog, we are at the Sixties! No – not the decade of peace, love and hippies! We’re talking ages 60 to 70 and we’re talking to YOU!

You know that it’s important to develop and keep with a fitness routine, for the benefit of our joints, bones and overall well-being. But in your Sixties, it’s also important to exercise to fuel your body. Many people in this decade worry about a loss of energy, but exercise is a great way to feel younger, longer.

Starting Something New: Fitness Goals

Starting Something New: Fitness Goals

Approximately 42% of you will set a New Year’s resolution. Most of those resolutions
involve weight loss and increased activity.
The gyms fill up every January, offering great promotions for new members. But most
people will give up on their fitness resolutions by February! Only about 37% of people in
their 20s and 30s will keep up their goals, but just 16% of those over the age of 50 will