The Conversation

The Conversation

So, you’ve been seeing your chiropractor for a couple of years now. You visit her for those little aches and pains that pop up occasionally, maybe those signs of age and inflexibility that have begun to creep up on you. But you’re scared to tell her all those other things that are going on – things you tell other doctors, perhaps, but not your chiropractor.

Sitting is the New Smoking

Sitting is the New Smoking

You’ve probably heard the above quote recently. Studies now show that a sedentary life is as harmful as cigarette smoke. But many of you have ‘desk jobs’ where sitting is the norm. So, how can you take control of your posture and your health when your profession requires you to sit?

Start them Young

Start them Young

As your child grows older, becoming a pre-teen and an adolescent, you get to influence the choices they will make later in life. Your perspectives on health and wellness cannot help but spill over to your child, who will carry them into adulthood. One way to foster a spirit of self-care and a healthy relationship later with medical and wellness practices, is to introduce your kids to chiropractic care long before they turn eighteen.

Exploring the Black Hills: Caving in Winter

Exploring the Black Hills: Caving in Winter

Want a new activity that the whole family can enjoy, even when it’s cold outside? Did you know that the Black Hills have several landmark cave systems? Caves are excellent places to explore any time of the year but during the winter caves are not plunged into cold like the rest of the outdoors!

Chiropractic Care and Sleep for Babies

Chiropractic Care and Sleep for Babies

You think you’re doing nothing while you sleep, but your body is actually resetting and reprogramming itself during this crucial time. You’re not only resting - you’re recovering from the experiences of the day before and preparing for the day ahead. Babies, in particular, need restful sleep because this is the time when their bodies are programming them for their entire lives.

Fall in the Black Hills

Fall in the Black Hills

Fall is an excellent time to make the most of Mother Nature while getting great cardiovascular exercise. We suggest a weekly hour-long hike. You’ll be able to get the exercise that you need while also taking in some of the splendor of the Black Hills.

The Gift of Frankincense

Rushmore Family Chiropractic is focused on treating all members of your family, including

babies and toddlers. But we also have made a name for ourselves in treating expectant

mothers! It is essential during a woman’s pregnancy that she is well cared-for, physically

and emotionally and that includes good spinal health. Mamas, don’t let the human that

you’re carrying cause unnecessary pain or discomfort. Their wellbeing depends on yours!

You may have noticed on your last visit that Rushmore Family Chiropractic is now carrying

the Young Living Essential Oil lines. We find that essential oils can be a wonderful tool in

your health and wellness practice along with medical and chiropractic care. Some of our

patients use particular oils at the time of their scheduled adjustment. This can help them

feel at-ease and to relax their muscle tissues (allowing for easier spinal manipulation).

Essential oils can also be used just following your chiropractic adjustment, helping to

minimize any residual tenderness and soreness.

The application of particular oils can also increase blood circulation. Their chemical

structure allows essential oils to be easily absorbed into the blood stream when applied to

the skin. And some of the oils we carry simply have a positive scent for our patients,

helping them to relax and put themselves into our capable hands!

We have worked with a number of expectant women in our chiropractic care and there are

particular essential oils that may be of benefit for them. These include:

 Sage/Clary Sage

 Hyssop

 Fennel

 Wintergreen

But today we’re going to talk about the use of one particular essential oil in treating

pregnant women: Frankincense!

Frankincense, also known as Boswellia Carterii, is an aromatic resin that is harvested from

trees primarily in Somalia, in North Africa. Frankincense has been used for thousands of

years as perfume, aromatherapy and in religious ceremonies. It has been used in Ayurvedic

Medicine in India as treatment for arthritis, wound healing and for women’s fertility.

In Iran up to 30% of pregnant women use frankincense during labor. It is known for its

pain-reducing or sedative effect. They often rub the oil on their lower backs or abdomens

to lessen their labor pains. Frankincense has an earthy scent that many laboring moms find

comforting. We do recommend that you test out any essential oil in advance of your

delivery so that you know if it causes any reaction or unpleasantness first.

A 2016 study published in the “International Journal of Preventative Medicine” reported

that “oral administration of Boswellia extract during pregnancy and lactation strengthens

short- and long-term memory in infants”. There are tons of research studies out there

showing the effectiveness of many essential oils for pregnant women including


If you’re looking for ways to supplement your health and wellbeing before or during giving

birth, please ask your chiropractor for a recommendation for essential oil! Rushmore

Family Chiropractic has open sample bottles of many of our essential oils for you to test

and enjoy.

When did you last have a great night of sleep?

When did you last have a great night of sleep?

Sleep is a common area of concern. Did you know that there are as many as seventy

different types of sleep disorders and 60% of Americans suffer from insomnia? Insomnia

isn’t just about not getting enough sleep (although that’s alarming enough) it can also point

to other factors and illnesses.