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Benefits of Taking Your Infant to a Chiropractor for Colic

If you have headaches, neck or back pain, or joint pain that doesn’t go away, you might benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. But how do you know when you need to consult a chiropractor for infants who can’t voice their needs? How safe is it?

Only a few chiropractors focus on infants and young children. To alleviate colic, many parents seek the assistance of a pediatric chiropractor.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractors are aware of a fundamental truth. Indeed, a body with a nervous system and spine that are not moving properly often feels uncomfortable.

Subluxation is what chiropractors refer to as a misalignment or spinal restriction. The spine’s out-of-balance condition adversely impacts the neurological system. Other physiological systems can stop functioning properly when this system is out of balance.

Chiropractic treatment involves adjustments to the whole body (or where needed) to ensure restoration of balance. However, the bread and butter of the treatment is chiropractic spinal manipulation.

What is Infant Colic?

Infant colic is a condition that makes one in six babies cry and fuss uncontrollably despite being otherwise healthy and thriving. The most common definition is when a baby cries excessively for about three hours per day, three days in a row, for three weeks or more.

Even though numerous hypotheses and hence numerous alternative therapeutic techniques have been examined, the exact etiology of colic is still unknown. Even though there isn’t a lot of research on chiropractic care in other countries, it is used to treat babies, including those with infant colic.

Impact of Infant Colic

Even when the colic has gone, having a colicky kid has been linked to a higher incidence of postpartum depression symptoms in mothers and high distress levels.

Furthermore, although colic is regarded as a “benign and self-limiting” condition, a small body of research suggests there might be long-term effects. Some problems with development and behavior that may show up later are trouble sleeping, not being able to process sensory information, not being able to focus, being too active, and throwing tantrums.

A Study into Infant Colic

A group of researchers wanted to find out how chiropractic manual therapy affected infantile colic, so they decided to do a randomized, controlled trial.

Their study was designed as a single-blind randomized controlled trial involving Fullen Island babies. The child health nurses shared information about the project in the maternity clinics and with health visitors.

The research included infants between two and fourteen weeks of age with excessive crying episodes. The main goal of the study was to find out what the main effect of manipulative and physiological therapies like chiropractic adjustments was and if they affected how often colicky babies cried.

The babies were grouped into a control group and an intervention group. The researchers worked with several health professionals, parents, and doctors in the participating chiropractic clinics.

According to another 2012 study, which lasted 3 months, 94 percent of the patients in the treatment group achieved improved colic symptoms after chiropractic care.

Later, another study looked at what might change how colic is treated, and it found that chiropractic care made it less likely that the baby would get into bad habits.

Why Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Colic Symptoms

Childbirth is not a gentle or simple process. The birth canal causes the baby’s tiny body to stretch and compress as it emerges into the world, which can cause the back and neck to be out of alignment.

The likelihood of misalignment increases if labor is lengthy, pushing continues for a long time, or a tool like a vacuum extraction or forceps is utilized. These misalignments may cause colic as well as nursing difficulties and digestive problems. This is the reason why chiropractic care is particularly effective for colic.

How often should a baby see a Chiropractor for Colic?

Colic symptoms usually go away when a child is four or five months old. If your child has been visiting a chiropractor, this time will likely decrease significantly. Depending on the chiropractor’s diagnosis, your child should continue to visit until their problems are resolved.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Infants

  • Enhanced nervous system activity
  • Healthy brain growth
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Better behavior
  • Reduced likelihood of neck, postural, and headache difficulties

Are you a new mother? Have you noticed that your precious new love is crying too much? You may want to try the benefits of pediatric chiropractic care. Chiropractic care for infants is our specialty here at Rushmore Family Chiropractic. We provide high-quality care that has results. Call us at (605) 716-0646 to schedule an appointment.

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