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Rapid City and surrounding areas, we are here for your chiropractic needs.  At Rushmore Family Chiropractic, our goal is to help you get the most out of your life.  You are in charge of your health and we are here to serve you.  If your goal is to just get out of pain, we can help.  If you want to optimize your health we can do that too!  Our treatments are personalized to each individuals needs.  Let us know how we can help you!

Book your visit with our Rapid City chiropractic clinic today by calling (605) 716-0646 or emailing us at admin@rushmorefamilychiropractic.com. For more information, visit our contact page

We’re proud to bring effective chiropractic treatments to Rapid City. Our Doctors can address a
variety of needs including alleviating pain and improving our client’s overall health and wellbeing.

Rushmore Family Chiropractic Can provide you:

  • Pain Relief – Let our trained hands relieve the pain in your joints and muscles by using a variety
    spinal manipulation techniques.
  • Wellness Care – By improving blood flow and other facets of your body, we can improve
    your overall wellness. This works best with the right diet and exercise.
  • Pediatric Chiropractic – We work with children, too. Our safe, gentle, and effective hands-on care is just right for the tiny humans.
  • Pregnancy Chiropractic Care – We take extra special care of our pregnant clients as we relieve pain in their backs, hips, and joints.  Our Dr. Becky is Webster Certified.
  • Sports Related Injury Care (shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, etc.) – We can help most of the joints in your body to improve their function and improve your game.
  • Massage Therapy – Our highly skilled MT, Carol Ann can provide your muscles with relief. Deep tissues, light touch and cupping are just a few of the techniques she has. She tailors each treatment to your needs and wants. 
  • Workman’s Compensation 
  • Auto Accidents




904 Quincy Street
Rapid City, SD 57701


M- 9am-5pm
T-  11am-6pm
W- 9am-5pm
F-  8am-1pm



Low Back Pain                      Neck Pain
Headaches                      TMJ Issues                Shoulder Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Issues
Carpel Tunnel
Pregnancy related Pain
Biomechanical Optimization


At Rushmore family Chiropractic our goal is to provide high quality, whole-body health care to the Rapid City, SD community. We use a hands on approach to alleviate pain and help you find your true wellness potential. Our patients are educated on their God given innate ability for their bodies to heal themselves. 




We find and correct the cause of the symptoms not just mask them. We not only provide chiropractic care but nutrition, muscle therapy and rehabilitation. Rushmore Family Chiropractic is a family oriented company that welcomes and helps people of all ages from newborns to their grandparents.

High quality, compassionate, effective healthcare for the entire family.

Rushmore Family Chiropractic Testimonials

Kind words from our happy patients.

“My pregnancy back ache was instantly better after a visit to Dr. Kauffman. I’m happy to know a drug free way to keep myself comfortable during my pregnancy.

— Samantha S

“Thank you so much for fixing my back after my car accident!! You are amazing, and I feel great 🙂
— Rose R.
Doctor Kauffman’s services have always been prompt, effective and efficient. She appreciated the value of her patient’s time.
— Bill B.
“Dr. Kauffman helped us so my 5 year old son did not have to get tubes put in his ears for the third time! He is so excited to be able to swim this summer!
— Hunter’s Mom
Having suffered a series of lower back and hip issues over many years, it is so refreshing to find a chiropractor who gets right to work and helps alleviate pain. Dr. Ashley is intuitive and engaging, and very affordable! I’ve had so much more flexibility and energy in the past year thanks to Dr. Ashley!
— Lisa G
Dr. Kauffman Testimonials

“Thank you for always being there to put me back together! Rugby is so tough on my body, and you always know exactly how to help!

— Justin M.

“Thankful to have found Dr. Ashley! I can always get an appointment in a timely manner, and I LOVE that she listens to me. It’s not the same ol’ crack, turn over, crack every time. She mixes it up and I feel like my body responds to that mix up a lot better!
— Kateri C
Dr Kauffman leg adjustment
My migranes are so much better thanks to Dr. Kauffman! Who knew that they were being caused by my neck?
— Kim D.