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The Benefits of Massage

Have you ever wondered why your family chiropractor has a massage therapist on staff? Or why when you schedule your regular adjustments, you are asked if you’d also like to book a massage? Why would a chiropractor partner with a massage therapist and what are the benefits to you, the patient?

We are big, big fans of massage therapy at Rushmore Family Chiropractic and not just because it feels so good to experience massage! We also understand that massage is part of an integrative health program. Yes, a massage on its’ own is great for many reasons, but it also works in partnership with other health, wellness and medical treatments.


When you are in pain, chiropractors look to the root cause and support recovery by adjusting your spine, hips, neck as needed. But pain associated with the spine may radiate out to other parts of the body. Working in tandem with a massage protocol, we may be able to not only bring your spine into better alignment, but also ease tension and discomfort in surrounding areas. Sometimes a chiropractic patient needs a massage before their adjustment – to loosen you up so that we can safely adjust you. Other times, we may recommend massage after your adjustment. From sore muscles due to sports injuries, low back pain associated with age, even headaches – we have seen the results of massage therapy and know when to recommend it to our patients experiencing pain.

Massage works on pain by alleviating muscle tightness, tension and inflammation throughout your body. Plus, it sends endorphins and other beneficial hormones to aid in your recovery.


Did you know that massage therapy actually makes the body’s immune system stronger? Therapeutic massage can improve circulation, lower heart rate and blood pressure, even help with constipation!

There are many autoimmune disorders that benefit from a massage protocol partnered with regular chiropractic adjustments. Arthritis and fibromyalgia have both been studied by the Mayo Clinic, and in their studies, massage treatments have shown temporary to permanent improvements for some patients. Breast cancer patients also experienced reductions in fatigue following massage, according to some research.

Massage may also support pregnancy, with some mothers noticing easier labors and deliveries, as well as being calmer and more relaxed during postpartum.


We all know that massage feels good, but that feeling actually extends past your muscles to your brain. Patients experiencing anxiety, stress and insomnia report an alleviation in symptoms – sometimes long-term. And physical touch increases the feel-good hormone, oxytocin. 

Massage is also valuable for couples. While massage therapy is best experienced with a professional, like Rushmore Family Chiropractic’s Carole Anne, couples can use massage techniques to enhance their relationships. 

We know the value of massage therapy! Your next massage session is just a phone call away. Send a friend or loved one the gift of massage in thanks for their support and while you’re at it, gift yourself an hour of massage as well!

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