63 Pregnancy and chiorpractic Care


Pregnancy and Chiropractic go together like peanut butter and pickles.

During pregnancy you not only go though hormonal and emotional changes but huge physical changes as well.  As the precious life is growing inside you, your body is accommodating for all their needs. Not only are your organs getting moved around a little but there is different physical stresses on parts of your body, such as your spine.  Your center of gravity moves forward causing increased stress on your low back and hips.  If you already had issues with your low back this is only going to compound them.

Aches and pains do not have to be a “normal” part of pregnancy.  With chiropractic care, you body can ease into the changes. We can keep your joints moving properly and the pain to a minimum.  Neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain and hip pain are the most common issues we see with any soon-to-be momma.   Dr. Ashley Kauffman loves to work with women though out their pregnancy, as a mom herself she knows “the feeling”.  Special techniques may need to be used and she works with what you are comfortable with and what is going to work for you and your body.  Soon to be big brothers or sisters are always welcome in the office too!

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