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As a working wife and mom, Dr. Ashley Kauffman knows the value of her family’s health and wellness. So it’s not surprising that she utilizes Chiropractic Care in her entire family’s wellness regimen and that includes her young son Tucker. While specific treatment plans will vary from person to person, at different stages of their life, Chiropractic Care is an important resource in maintaining the wellbeing of every member of your family – from the very oldest, to the very youngest.

This is the first of an ongoing blog series on Chiropractic Care for your children starting with infancy.

Yes, that’s right – babies are great candidates for Chiropractic Care! This is the stage of life where their spinal health and overall wellbeing are often most critical – this is when your child is malleable enough to foster the development of a strong exoskeletal and neuro system.

Some of the most common uses of chiropractic care for infants includes for the treatment of Colic and Reflux. Babies cannot always tell us when they are not feeling well, but there are often signs that parents and medical practitioners can spot.

Colic is the intense and sporadic pain, in a baby’s abdomen, caused by intestinal gas or an obstruction. Colic causes a lot of distress for babies and their parents. It often causes babies to lose sleep and they cry, seemingly without relief.

But Chiropractors have been successful at alleviating the pain and distress of Colic in infants as young as three weeks old. In fact, studies show that 94% of colicky infants have found relief with Chiropractic treatments! Using gentle, conservative adjustments, chiropractors are able to restore movement and nerve function to joints that are locked up. This helps to release the blockages and expel the gas causing colic. Additionally, irritated nerves can also contribute to gas building up in your baby’s tummy. Gentle manipulation of the spine helps to free those nerves and release those uncomfortable gasses.

A reminder to worried moms and dads out there – when your baby has a chiropractic adjustment, although you may hear some light “popping” sounds, this does not cause any pain or injury to your child. It’s no different than the sounds of “cracking” knuckles – which is actually movement of air pockets between the bones.

Reflux is when the contents of your baby’s stomach “backs up” into the esophagus causing heartburn-like symptoms. Babies with reflux can be fussy and have a poor appetite, even vomiting. But reflux is treatable including with chiropractic adjustments. Babies are different than adults or even children and their spines will be in a different position. Adjustments help to align your baby’s spine. We might also examine whether your child has food sensitivities causing them intestinal distress.

Rushmore Family Chiropractic is dedicated to treating all members of our community, and of your family – from the tiniest little ones, to the oldest. If your baby isn’t feeling well, be sure to include chiropractic care with your family’s treatment plan.

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