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This is our third blog in this ongoing series on chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy. During this blog, we’re going to talk more about the birth experience and the post-partum stages that a new mom may expect, as well as chiropractic care for your newborn.

We wrote about conception and the first months of pregnancy, where chiropractic care can help put your body into the optimum shape for conceiving and carrying a baby.

We’ve talked about how ideal womb positioning minimizes the potential for undue stress on your baby’s developing spine. We also wrote about how prenatal chiropractic helps the pelvic floor to relax, ensuring an easier delivery for the baby.

Over the past nine months, you’ve watched your body change, in preparation for labor. Sometimes that meant new aches, pains and discomforts, as you adjusted to these changes. During the last month or two of your pregnancy, you also probably had difficulty finding a comfortable position to sleep. Hormonal changes also can cause night sweats, adding to your sleep difficulties. Plus, your back was hurting due to stress and weight gain. Not to mention, the problems with bladder and bowel control – that’s a whole other conversation!

Chiropractic care can bring your nervous system, lymphatic system and your musculoskeletal system into harmony. It can also reduce the risk of C-sections. But it can importantly help with the post-natal recovery process for many moms.

Whether you had a traditional delivery or a C-section, you’re likely to experience pain associated with labor. This usually eases after a few days, but then the pains associated with the entire pregnancy may surface. Ligaments that loosened to prepare you for childbirth are tightening up again. This may cause discomfort around your hip joints. You’re also feeling the residual effect upon your spine, from carrying your baby. You might be feeling fatigued and sore. When you add in your sleep issues with a new baby (Sleep? What’s that?) All this can make for one tired mama. Plus, you’re carrying or holding your baby, including nursing, which can add neck or upper back pain to the mix.

If you’ve been seeing your chiropractor throughout your pregnancy, schedule your first follow-up within two weeks of your baby’s delivery. Bring the baby – let us take a look at both of you. Babies may benefit from gentle chiropractic care to help with digestive issues, inner ear trouble and overall fussiness (perhaps even helping them sleep more peaceably). We’ll help you determine what chiropractic schedule, post-delivery, will most benefit you and your family.

While you’re here, schedule yourself a healing massage with our massage therapist, Carol Ann! After all you’ve been through (and are still going through) – you definitely deserve some pampering!

Rushmore Family Chiropractic wants to support your pre- and post-pregnancy care. Your post-delivery health and wellness plan for mom and baby will benefit from chiropractor care. We’re also moms, too. Let’s help you enjoy the most of mommyhood, in good health!

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