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may seem to some to be an odd notion that a chiropractor would work on women who are pregnant.  I have even heard from some that you should NOT go to a chiropractor because we will hurt you and the baby…. or some nonsense like that.  The truth is that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN WHO IS PREGNANT SHOULD SEE A CHIROPRACTOR!

You may be thinking, “wow, bold statement Dr. Kauffman”, but I stand behind it 100%.  To understand why I think that we first need to look at chiropractic in general.  Chiropractic is, in short, getting your body to heal itself by decreasing interference on your nerves.  Your nerves control everything from movement, heart beats, comprehension to healing and everything in between.  Nerves are so important that divine design made us have skulls and our spine to protect these important structures. When there is interference on our nerves due to a multitude of reasons (just pick one, posture, injury, stress, chemical, environmental…) it effects how well our nerves can work.  If the nerve that has been stressed is leading to our low back we may have pain there or maybe the nerve is traveling to our esophagus and now we have heart burn or to our kids eustation tube and now they keep getting ear infections, the list can go on and on.  The main reason we work on your spine is because that is where so many times the interference on your nervous system is starting.  There is this thing called neurophysiology, it is one of my favorite things in the entire world (after God, my family and chocolate obviously),  Neuro means “nerves” and physiology meaning “the way a living being functions”.  What this also means is that your nerves can effect the way you function and the way your function (or sit, move or don’t move, what you eat…) can effect your nerves!

Lets get back to why chiropractic and pregnancy are like peanut butter and pickles :).  When you have this little miracle growing inside you, your physiology is changing, the way you move, your center of gravity, your ligaments get looser, your breasts grow, etc.   When all of this is happening you are effecting your nerves and your nerves are effecting your physiology.  Sometimes it will effect your pelvis or the ligaments holding the uterus, this can result in the baby not having enough room in a certain area  aka uterine constraint.  When your uterus is constrained this can cause little baby boy or girl to be breech.  Chiropractors (me) have easy ways to help bring your pelvis back into neutral to decease or eliminate this problem and help the little nudger to flip over and be ready to brave this wonderful world.  Chiropractic care during pregnancy help miantain balance, alignment and flexibility.    Mothers who get adjusted often require less high-tech interventions and many report shorter, less traumatic births.  By having your nerves functioning properly, well-timed contractions can help move your baby move more easily through the birth canal. I have  helped to alleviate some of the aches and pain associated with a normal pregnancy of many Mommas and would love to help you too.

You do not need a referral to see a chiropractor during pregnancy nor do you need anyone’s approval to seek a chiropractic opinion about health issues affecting you and your child.  We work closely with other practitioners who keep up on recent research and understand the value of drug-free, natural approach to better health.  For any questions please call Rushmore Family Chiropractic at 605-716-0646.

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