We thought it was a good time to share a little bit more about the team at Rushmore Family Chiropractic so you could get to know us each better!

Ashley Kauffman, DC

Dr. Ashley Kauffman is married to Josh and together they have two sons: 3-year old Tucker and 9-month old Owen. The Kauffman’s also have two dogs: “Lady”, a St. Bernard/Bluetick Coon Hound mix, and “Sky”, a Great Dane/Great Pyranese mix.

Dr Becky Beilstein





Dr. Becky Beilstein and her husband Jason are the proud parents of their first child, a 9-month old daughter named Aria. They have one cat (“Zoey”, a Siamese mix) and one dog (“Rae”, a German Shephard).

Lucy Kells


Our receptionist Lucy Kells is married to husband Iain, and they have a son (Colin, 9 years) and a daughter (Gracie, 7 years). The Kells have three dogs (“Bear”, “Duke” and “Roxie”) and one cat (“Jinx”).


carol ann runcik massage 750x1125 1




The newest member of our team, massage therapist Carol Ann Runcik, is engaged to her fiancé Darren. Carol Ann has two children (Brittany and Garrett) and two grandchildren (Brooklyn and Everett). Carol Ann’s nickname is Dimples, by the way! (She has no picture yet so gets a question mark)

The funniest thing about the team at Rushmore Family Chiropractic is that almost all of them have the same celebrity crush! Dr. Ashley, Dr. Becky and Lucy all named Channing Tatum as their celebrity crush, while Carol Ann had to buck with tradition by naming instead, Sean Connery (the original James Bond).

Each of these four amazing women are superheroes in their own way, but when asked what superhero they wish they were, they each responded:

Dr. Becky: “Wonder Woman. Because, Wonder Woman – duh!”

Lucy: “Mighty Mouse, because even small things can be mighty.”

Carol Ann: “Super Woman. I get it all done and I am a strong woman, with a strong spirit and mind.”

Dr. Ashley: “Jack Jack from the Incredibles. Multiple powers (especially multiplication!)”

Each member of the team was also asked about their guilty pleasures. Lucy cited Mexican food as her guilty pleasure. Carol Ann loves dancing to Meagan Trainor music, and admits to buying food that her family doesn’t like just so she can have it all to herself! Dr. Ashley is a big fan of nachos, and she confessed that she follows the Kardashians on Instagram. Dr. Becky loves watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘The Bachelor/Bachelorette’!

When asked about their own ‘Stupid Human Pet Trick’ (or weird talents), Carol Ann bragged about her ‘magic hands’ (she is a gifted massage therapist, after all)! Both Dr. Ashley and Dr. Becky can roll their tongues into the shape of clovers. Dr. Becky can also touch her tongue to her nose. Lucy declined to answer this question, so on your next visit to Rushmore Family Chiropractic, be sure to ask her what her special talents are!

What other questions would you like to ask the team at Rushmore Family Chiropractic? Post your comments below and we’ll follow up in a couple months with even more insider info on your favorite chiropractic team!

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