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We love to entertain visitors to the Black Hills. Whether your company arrives during the  holiday season, summer, Sturgis Rally, or during Stock Show, we know you want to roll out the red carpet and make them feel like they’re at home!

But where should visitors go for medical care if they become hurt or sick during  their vacation? Here are some handy ideas for locals to support our visitors when they’re not feeling well.

Nearly nine million families in the U.S. own a camper or RV. That’s a lot of wheels on the road, heading off to see the sights or spend time with loved ones. And today, more and more Americans are choosing to live a mobile life, including retirees and freelancers. But living in an RV shouldn’t mean going without health coverage. It does mean, however, selecting a plan that will fit your needs anywhere in the United States including emergency care on the road. 

Many health care plans can accommodate full-time or part-time RVers, but it’s important for your guests to know which plan they have. Some health insurance plans have rules that actually exclude RVers who don’t live in a specific state for the majority of the year. And some plans will cover you in other states, while others will consider those expenses to be out-of-network coverage.

Many RVers are using telemedicine these days, to supplement their health plans. Barring an injury or illness that requires a visit to an Urgent Care facility, many people are opting instead to call in for their medical questions and even diagnoses. But they’ll still need to know where to go in case of an emergency when they’re visiting our area, as well as the best locations for prescription refills.

Remember that emergency rooms should only be used in a serious emergency. Local urgent care centers will provide a more affordable option for your guests with minor emergencies (general illnesses and non-life threatening injuries). Make sure that your guests know where the urgent care centers closest to them are. If your guest should call 9-1-1 for transportation, it’s important to know that they won’t have any choice in whether they are transported in an ambulance or a helicopter. The paramedics will simply take them to whichever facility is closer and that may not be covered by your guests’ health insurance plan.

If you guest experiences a back, hip or other injury, be sure and provide them with information on Rushmore Family Chiropractic. We will probably be able to provide relief, at least until they return home and to their regular chiropractor. If you know that your guests will be engaging in physical activity such as bull riding, rock climbing, motorcycle racing and other activities that can be hard on the body, it’s not a bad idea to schedule them a visit with a chiropractor in advance. They will certainly be appreciative of your thoughtfulness, and thankful that you helped them to mend much faster!

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