chiropractic immune system


Your immune system fights against infectious organisms, preventing them from entering the body. The immune system is comprised of proteins, organs, tissues and white blood cells which work together to fight disease. The immune system communicates with your central nervous system to help the body heal, but spinal misalignments can stress the body and lower the immune responses.


Chiropractors can reduce stress on your spinal cord, while examining the spine for misalignments as well as improving motion to joints that are locked up or fixed.

Subluxations of the spine, which irritate the nerve pathways and compresses the spine and disks, also lower the effectiveness of your immune responses. They also cause physical stress to the spine and body. Chiropractors can determine if you are experiencing a subluxation and then, using adjustments, minimize the stress on your nervous system.

You can boost your immune system by getting a full night of rest – 8 hours is ideal for most adults. Eat healthy to get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients and eliminate junk food. Exercise – if you’re in good shape you want at least 15 minutes of active exercise (walking, yoga, swimming) each day and if you need to shed a few pounds you’ll need approximately 30 minutes of more strenuous exercise (jogging,  cardio, weights) daily. Keep hydrated – drink 32 ounces of water each day and cut back on alcohol, soft drinks and caffeine which will deplete the hydration in your body.

Minimize stress – that’s difficult to do but key to keeping your immune system strong. Sleep, hydration and exercise will also help you manage some of the stresses and anxieties in your life. If you find that they still control your thoughts, we recommend talking with a licensed therapist. We would be happy to offer a referral.

Rushmore Family Chiropractic also offers a variety of supplements to support a healthy immune response. These include:

ImmuCare: a concentrated tonic designed to build, nourish and invigorate the blood while supporting healthy function of the immune, digestive and endocrine systems.

Immuplex: blends essential micronutrients and minerals as well as Protomorphogen™ and Cytosol™ extracts to support the immune system.

Coryza Forte: a blend of nutrients in capsule form, provides nutritional support for the immune system, particularly in the upper respiratory tract.

Zinc Lozenges: Studies show that zinc can help a cold go away 3 times faster!

Flourish Probiotics: Probiotics can improve your immune system, reduce gastrointestinal discomfort and possibly even protect you against the common cold. Flourish offers Probiotics in a natural liquid state and is available for adults or children.

D3 Liquid: From Metagenics, this liquid dropper – the most bioactive form of supplemental vitamin D—is in a convenient, 2-ounce bottle for easy dosing.

Nordic Berry Multivitamins: Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these citrus multivitamin gummies support good nutrition and wellness as part of a healthy diet.

So, before that winter cold and flu season hits you, ask us how you can improve your immune system!

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