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Dr. Ashley Kauffman and Dr. Becky Bielstein are feeling very grateful this holiday season. Not only do we have the very best patients and the most wonderful Chiropractic practice, but we both welcomed new babies to our own families this fall!

Say hello to Owen Kauffman and Aria Bielstein! These two precious infants have blessed our lives already and we can’t wait to watch them grow. It’s especially joyful to have new lives at the holiday season. Dr. Ashley also has a 2 ½ year old (Tucker) and there’s nothing more exciting than watching a toddler tear through wrapping paper to open their gifts.

But, as your children grow older, we want to teach them that giving is just as valuable as receiving. Luckily there are many ways to encourage the act of charity and compassion during the holiday season. Let’s make this the season of giving!

Before you plan a big act of giving for your family, think small and focused rather than grand and global. Do you have a family member that is spending the season alone? Is there a neighbor or colleague that could use some holiday cheer? Sometimes the best way to make a difference in the world is to start with just one person within arm’s reach.

You can participate in a toy drive. Nominate a member of your parish for extra gift-giving. Clean a park or donate your time to a project close to your family’s hearts. One great way to serve our community is by feeding those in need. The Cornerstone Mission’s kitchen, located at 30 Main Street in the East of Fifth neighborhood of Rapid City, serves meals three times a day, 365 days of the year. They also recently remodeled their kitchen. The Cornerstone connects with dozens of churches in our area and you can be assured that your time preparing and serving meals will be most appreciated. For more information on the Cornerstone and their volunteer program, please click here.

There are many ways to give this holiday season. Please contact the Hope Center for more resources on serving your community and sharing the experience with your family.

In addition to setting the example of generosity for your children, this is also a time for celebration. The key to teaching young children to give whole-heartedly is helping them understand that they are receiving as well. Create a wonderful reward for your family to thank them for their generosity, like taking them to the Black Hills Christmas Village.

Or give the ultimate gift to your children of time. Spend a long weekend with them, enjoying the beautiful Black Hills. Enjoy the best of nature while spending an outing with your kids. Make a memory that will last forever.

Thank you to all of you – our patients, neighbors, family and friends – for celebrating the joy of this holiday season. The Rushmore Family Chiropractic family has grown even bigger this year, and even more thankful!

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