Chiropractic Care for Sciatica in Rapid City, SD

Sciatica is a common complaint affecting about 40% of the American population. However, the condition is worsened by bending, twisting, and coughing, resulting in muscle weakness and chronic pain. Fortunately, sciatic pain resolves on its own in mild cases.

Medical treatment options for sciatica pain include:

  • pain medications
  • physical therapy
  • lifestyle adjustments
  • surgery in severe cases

Some patients seek treatment away from traditional medical care, helping them stay safe while treating sciatica pain. Fortunately, chiropractic care is an effective, natural treatment for sciatic pain, even without medication.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica in Rapid City, SD

Sciatica pain occurs when your sciatic nerve gets pinched. The sciatic nerve runs from your lower back, extending past your hips and ends at your legs. Sciatic nerve pain can occur anywhere along this path and can be severe or mild.

Often, sciatica occurs due to spinal restrictions, pelvic dysfunction, spinal degeneration, or herniated discs. Other disorders that can cause sciatica include constipation, diabetes, piriformis syndrome, and lumbar spinal stenosis.

The Rushmore Family Chiropractic has helped many people treat sciatic pain in Rapid City after witnessing these symptoms:

Signs of Sciatica

Below are the typical symptoms of sciatica:

  • Leg pain that worsens when you sit
  • Leg numbness, weakness, or difficulties moving
  • Burning or tingling sensations extending to your legs
  • An intense pain that makes standing difficult
  • Consistent low back pain on one side

Chiropractic Adjustments for Sciatica

While sciatica is a debilitating condition, chiropractic treatment has proven useful in relieving the pain. This treatment solution leverages your body’s potential to heal naturally, without other medications.

Here’s why sciatica patients are turning to chiropractic care. This drug-free and non-evasive solution is based on the scientific understanding that restricted spinal movement causes pain and reduced performance. Fortunately, chiropractic therapy reduces discomfort caused by sciatica and offers other benefits.

Why use Chiropractic Adjustments for Sciatica Pain Relief?

Some standard benefits attracting sciatica patients to turn to chiropractic care to manage pain include:

  • Effectively treat sciatica without drug use
  • Induces deep muscle relaxation
  • Eases inflammation symptoms
  • Improves blood flow and lessens muscle spasms, pain, swelling, or cramping
  • It helps to strengthen your back muscles to avoid having a herniated disc
  • Ease sciatica pain in the short and long term
  • Improve joint mobility

With the Rushmore Family Chiropractic service, you’ll understand that spinal manipulation and other chiropractic therapies offer more than just affordable pain management solutions. However, proper diagnosis is essential before treating sciatica to avoid making the pain worse.

Why Choose Rushmore Family Chiropractic for Sciatica Pain

Before starting the treatment, the experts at the Rushmore Family Chiropractic will examine you to determine the root cause of your sciatica nerve pain. We carefully review your patient’s medical history, physical examination, and neurological assessment to form an accurate diagnosis. The sciatica treatment plan we offer depends on the cause of your pain and may include different chiropractic treatments like:

  • Massage therapy – This type of therapy promotes the release of endorphins and induces deep tissue relaxation. Endorphins are natural painkillers that help in soothing and healing sciatica.
  • Heat and cold therapies – Your local chiropractor can alternate between heat and cold therapies to offer quick relief from sciatic nerve pain. The heat releases tight muscles, while cold therapy slows your blood flow and eases inflammation symptoms.
  • Spinal adjustments/ manipulations – Spinal manipulations free restricted movement on your spine and align the vertebral bodies to the proper position. The process restores your musculoskeletal system and reduces nerve irritability. It also treats muscle spasms, inflammation, pain, and other sciatica symptoms.
  • Ultrasound – generates gentle heat using sound waves that deeply penetrate your soft tissues. That promotes healing by improving circulation and reducing swelling, cramping and pain.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) – uses a portable, battery-powered muscle stimulating machine with variable intensities to reduce muscle spasms and control acute pain. However, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other rehab professionals might use larger units.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatic Pain in Rapid City, SD

The Rushmore Family Chiropractic experts can provide effective chiropractic treatments in the Rapid City area. We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver different chiropractic therapies, quickly dulling your pain away. Call (605) 716-0646 to book an appointment with our chiropractors.

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