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Have You Heard About Cupping?

Rushmore Family Chiropractic offers Cupping as part of our massage services. Cupping has been used for centuries to increase circulation and oxygen to areas affected by pain or trauma. If you are curious, ask our massage therapist Carol Ann to add it to your next massage!

Cupping stimulates healing by bringing new blood flow to areas of the body impacted by stiffness, soreness or in need of healing. It involves using a cup and suction upon the skin and is great as a standalone treatment or part of a multi-modality treatment plan.

Between your muscles and skin there is another layer called fascia, a tightly woven ‘fabric’ that protects muscles from trauma but also holds tension and tightness if trauma does occur. Cupping allows the skin to gently separate from the fascia, or the fascia from the muscles, helping the body heal faster.

You won’t feel any pain or irritation, just a gentle pressure as the air inside the cup creates a vacuum against your skin. This will cause your skin to raise up and become red as your blood vessels expand. Carol Ann will leave the cup on your skin for at least three minutes, allowing the muscles beneath to receive the benefits.

Those benefits include:

  • Increased oxygen and circulation
  • Removal of old, stagnant blood
  • Relaxes muscles and fascia
  • Provides a deep-tissue massage and
  • Providing beneficial inflammation that aids in healing

When Carol Ann removes the cups, there will be a red ring on your skin where the suction occurred. Those rings will turn into light bruising, but you will feel no pain or discomfort. The bruises will recede within a week, but the benefits may last for quite some time.

Cupping is excellent for anyone with digestive issues, those needing immune support, gynecological issues, even asthma and allergies may improve after one or more cupping session.

But cupping is most beneficial for those with pain or physical trauma. Cupping can reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation, break up scar tissue and alleviate muscle tension. Cupping may also treat sciatica, carpal tunnel, balance the body’s qi (life force energy) and for sports rehabilitation, to remove toxins and boost the immune system, even digestive health and sinus pressure may improve with cupping.

Carol Ann also preforms facial cupping for wrinkles, crows feet, improving skin elasticity, puffy eyes, improving circulation, sinus infections, TMJ, and Inflammation.

Restoring balance to the body’s qi (life force) through cupping can improve the body’s resistance to pathogens and its ability to increase blood flow and decrease pain. It also can promote cell repair and help form new connective tissues.

We encourage you to come to massage well-rested, at least an hour after you’ve eaten a healthy meal, and properly hydrated, otherwise you may feel light-headed or nauseous during your treatment. Patients on blood-thinning medication are not advised to undergo cupping therapy.

Have more questions about Cupping? Just ask!

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