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You’re Not Going to Win a Spot on the Rush Skating Team, but…

The Ice Skating Rink at Main Street Square in Rapid City is open! What a great time of the year to get outside, lace up those skates and get some really beneficial exercise!

Yes, ice skating is great for the body! This isn’t just about getting the kids on the ice to see if one of them might be the next Wayne Gretzky or Michelle Kwan. You’ve gotta get out there with them! So it’s been a few years since you last ice skated? Here are some ideas for getting prepped for skating season:

First, if you’re going out there to skate with the kids, your first role is to monitor them. You want to have fun but if you’re not able to quickly respond to a three-year old face-planting on the ice, maybe you should just walk beside them.

Second, skating is incredible exercise! It can lead to improved balance, joint flexibility, muscle strength and is an incredible form of cardio for heart health. If any of these are exercise regimens you haven’t been performing regularly, might want to spend a week or two before skating season kicks in getting yourself in shape. Start walking. Try running – or jogging at first. Do some leg work – try some squats with small weights.

While you’re on the rink just think about all the great benefits that an afternoon of skating can provide! You’re building endurance and burning calories, improving your joint health. Even your brain is getting a workout with skating! Skating and physical exercise sends waves of endorphins to your brain providing you with mental stimulation and a great way to relieve stress.

As the responsible parent be sure to set some parameters for your kids during your skating excursion. Follow the rules, of course, of the Main Street Square skating rink in order to ensure your childrens’ safety. And set a time limit – when we’re having fun we sometimes don’t realize just how much our body is going to feel the effects of that activity until sometime after we stop.

If anyone takes a spill, wait a moment or two before getting back on the ice. If anyone hurts themselves, ice it immediately (the ice you fell on doesn’t count!) and call your chiropractor right away!

After skating, be sure to spend some time in Main Street Square and our beautiful downtown Rapid City. The holiday lights have just gone up. Duck in to Zoom Soda for some classic candy to celebrate. We’re in for a beautiful South Dakota winter and we want to make sure you and your family enjoy it all!

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