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Children are a big focus for us at Rushmore Family Chiropractic. Both Doctor Ashley Kauffman and Doctor Becky Bielstein have kids (or are about to) and many of our patients are children or the concerned parents of kids. We’ve made kids an important part of our practice, and of our regular blog.

More importantly, childhood are the formative years of our life. The issues that we deal with in adulthood – including our physical problems – often begin or manifest in childhood.

This is when we can catch small problems before they turn into larger ones. So it’s really important for parents to work with a team of medical practitioners that both understand childhood issues and know how to effectively treat them.

Chiropractic care focuses on your spinal care but is also a whole-body perspective of health and wellness. Not only do we know that proper maintenance of your spine (literally starting when you are just a baby) is critical to your lifelong health – we’ve actually seen specific examples of how chiropractic adjustments can significantly impact or improve a child’s wellbeing.

Oftentimes, what manifests as a disability (physical or developmental) might actually be
related to a spinal maladjustment. For example: speech impairments like stuttering can be improved or alleviated through chiropractic manipulation. Stuttering is a speech
defect that causes stammering, repetition and hesitation, or even stumbling over words.
Stuttering might also be accompanied by lip trembling or excessive blinking. Stuttering
reduces a person’s ability to effectively communicate, so it’s obviously of great concern to people affected.

Stuttering is a chronic problem and, for those who suffer with it stuttering often surfaces at really inopportune times. A person who stutters does not do so all of the time, or the same way each time, and so this has often left doctors stymied about its cause as well as its treatment.

Stuttering can simply be a disruption in the speech area of the brain. Adjusting the temporal plate (located behind your ear) through subluxation of the neck and spine might remove the disruption and help children (or even adults) with speech impairments.

This adjustment also can benefit those with Dyslexia and Aphasia (often a lingering effectafter a  stroke) as well as those with Tourette’s Syndrome.

If your child has been diagnosed with a speech disorder, or you suspect they might be
developing one, please schedule a consult at Rushmore Family Chiropractic. As working
parents, we know how important your questions are and we have some excellent diagnostic tools to help us determine if chiropractic care can be part of their treatment

Kids – and their wellbeing – are critically important. Make sure that you include chiropractic care in your family’s health and wellness routine. You can reach us at 605.716.0646 and we’re located at 807 Columbus Street. Just look for the red door!

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