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For the “Rally Season” blog, it’s all about pampering and rewarding ourselves by taking some down time. Stay home, prepare our own meals, listen to our body and check out of the rat race for a week. There’s no better time to do that, even if you can’t afford to get away this year. Make this an annual holiday for your mind/body/spirit!

Here’s a great list of things you can do this August if you want to avoid the crowds and take a relaxing “Staycation”!

  • Chiropractic Adjustments. Of course this is number one! Don’t misunderstand – we get a lot of visitors in our office this time of year, but if you’ll be needing an adjustment, we recommend scheduling it asap!

  • Massage. Is there anything more rewarding than a full-body massage treatment? Rushmore Family Chiropractic offers massage care right in our office. We also have our hydrotherapy bed (in the room behind the front desk). If you’re coming for an adjustment, arrive 15 minutes early and float away on the hydro-bed, or call us at 605.716.0646 to reserve a massage!

  • Salt Float. Have you heard about Deep, the Saltwater Flotation Center here in Rapid City? They’re located at 343 Quincy Street and offer relaxing deprivation chamber floats. A salt float will help to release toxins, focus the mind and enhance performance. Many star athletes (like the New England Patriots and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors) swear by salt float therapy.

  • “Wine Wednesdays” at the Firehouse Wine Cellars, featuring jazz and soul music by Sophia Beatty. Starts at 7pm, if you’d like a more sophisticated outing during Rally week.

  • Yoga at the Sol Yoga Collective. This donation-based yoga studio in the heart of downtown Rapid City has mats and supplies available for drop-in students. Recommended rates: $10 per session. Check their class times at  https://www.solyogacollective.com/ and OM the sound of revving engines out of mind.

The roads get pretty gnarly when they’re filled with Harleys – we recommend carving out a day for yourself to unwind. Pick up a good book at the Rapid City Public Library, swing by Canyon Lake Liquors for a fine bottle of wine or six pack of beer, turn off your cellphone and other devices for a few hours, soak in a tub with fragrant homemade bath bombs from JoJo Beans (located on Main Street, downtown), and bliss out on Chubby Chipmunk chocolate truffles (pick them up in either downtown Deadwood or at the Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid).

Every year during Rally Season, we locals have to decide just how much we want to participate in the cycling activities. Some opt out entirely, vacationing out of the area. Others have to stay in town but dread those congested roads and long lines at local businesses. Stay home, if that’s what keeps you sane, but find ways to still enjoy yourself.

And if you do decide to venture out, stay safe everyone! Have a beautiful time at the 2017 Sturgis Rally, or avoiding it!

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