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Getting thrown by a bucking bull is no fun

Are you hosting someone who will be visiting the Black Hills region for the 2017 Stock Show? Here are some ideas, to make their stay the best possible!

Give them a South Dakota amenities basket. Print out maps for your guests to the places they’ll be going. Download the KOTA weather app to their phone. Pick up some lotions and potions made by Rapid City artisans. Also, give them a printed list of resources including wellness specialists in our area. Make sure your friendly local chiropractor is on that list –you never know when someone might need an adjustment when out-of- town.

Are you taking your visitors on a sight-seeing tour across the area? This year, instead of taking your guests to all the typical places, we thought we’d offer some suggestions for being the best hosts in Rapid City. Take your guests to some different sites this year. Start with local-owned businesses. Show your support to our local economy by introducing your guests to the area’s entrepreneurs. Give your guest a gift certification to places like Dakota’s Best or Prairie Edge, to find locally-produced goods. Or Mitzi’s Book for local authors, or Racing Magpie to some of the region’s most talented Native artists. If you’re heading out for a day of sight-seeing with your guests, make it a unique tour. Check out all the local breweries and wineries, or historic sites. Find out your guests interests and show them how folks in the Black Hills enjoy that hobby.

For your visitors attending the Stock Show, whether they’re participating in the rodeo, bidding on heads of cattle, or just sitting in the stands watching the show – spinal health is imperative! Just sitting on those bleachers is a strain on your spine. So is getting thrown by a bucking bull! Make sure that our visitors know where they can find the care they need, when in our region. Give them lists not only of chiropractors, but of massage therapists. After a long weekend at the Rapid City Civic Center, they’ll appreciate some self-care!

While they’re at the Stock Show, remind them to take breaks from standing or sitting to stretch. Those are long days, whether you’re standing in your cowboy boots or sitting in the stands.

Make sure that every person who comes into our area for the 2017 Stock Show and Rodeo has a great experience, and takes a little bit of the Black Hills with them!

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