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If you’re following along with our generation fitness blog, we are at the Sixties! No – not the decade of peace, love and hippies! We’re talking ages 60 to 70 and we’re talking to YOU!

You know that it’s important to develop and keep with a fitness routine, for the benefit of our joints, bones and overall well-being. But in your Sixties, it’s also important to exercise to fuel your body. Many people in this decade worry about a loss of energy, but exercise is a great way to feel younger, longer.

Of course, you want to discuss any fitness regimen with your primary care doctor, as well as your chiropractor. We’re going to be familiar with your health habits and can help you strategize what the next ten years can look like for you. This is especially true for anyone with a heart condition – although some exercise can actually strengthen the muscles of the heart! Anyone with a chronic health risk should discuss their exercise routines and goals with their wellness team.

In your Sixties, exercise should start slowly – both in terms of kicking off new practices and also each workout itself. Before you move, you need to stretch and before you stretch, you’ve gotta breathe. Yoga, walking, swimming and Pilates are great beginning exercise routines for those in this generation. But there’s more you can do!

While it is recommended that you begin with a low-intensity routine, many physically fit seniors are able to push into accelerated sports and fitness activities like running, team sports, weight lifting, and cardio.

Shorter exercise is also recommended for those with diabetes as prolonged exercise can actually spike your blood sugar levels. And if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, of course you may need to ease into exercise with shorter sessions or modify your existing workout routine.

Because we live in a winter climate, many people are reluctant to rely on the weather out of doors to base their entire exercise routine upon. Thankfully, there are many indoor activities that you can enjoy well into your Sixties and beyond including stationary bikes, floor routines and hand-held weights. And when the weather does warm up again, hop on your bike of choice (mountain, comfort or Strider) and get some road miles under your belt. As time goes by, you’ll probably find that you can handle longer stretches of exercise and more intensity in your workouts. Just keep checking in with your doctor and chiropractor to discuss your concerns.

With many Americans living into their 90s and beyond, Sixty does not have to be ‘old age’. Your perspective will impact your aging process. If you want to stay fit and healthy, you can make choices now (at any age) to support that choice. You might need more rest and recovery between workouts and you may need shorter exercise sessions. Or maybe you’re one of those superheroes that can continue to sustain an active lifestyle long into your retirement years!

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