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Your Fitness Partner

Many Americans are choosing to conduct their workouts at home, omitting the gym, public parks and personal coaches. So how can you hit your fitness goals safely and effectively with an at-home routine?

If you are one of those who has set yearly goals to lose a few pounds, and look and feel your best, but without success year after year, we think we know why:


If you haven’t achieved your goals in previous years, you might even be likely to keep your 2021 Resolutions a secret. If you don’t tell anyone, they won’t judge you – right?

But failing to bring your loved ones and medical professionals into your fitness game is what is sabotaging you.

We want to help, by providing you with the accountability you need to set and maintain your goals. Here’s a simple checklist to follow:

  1. Set reasonable goals. Losing 20 pounds in 4 weeks is not reasonable, not safely achievable, and certainly not sustainable. In fact, rather than setting specific weight goals, we think it’s best if you set something more tangible. Want to fit into last year’s jeans again? Want to be able to walk the dogs more than 15 minutes? Want to feel your best in your bikini next summer? Set a goal based on what you want to experience, not how much weight you want to lose.
  2. Tell people! Letting your friends know that you are eating healthy in the New Year lets them know that you are committed, and that you expect them to hold you accountable. It’s also critical to talk to your medical and wellness professionals, including your chiropractor. Let us help you meet your goals by providing you with the information needed to establish a healthy base line and desired mile markers.
  3. Use technology! There are many great apps for fitness. Set weekly goals and track your steps with FitBit or use any of the motivation apps to encourage your daily exercise. There are nutrition apps to count calories and carbs, and reminder apps to drink plenty of H2O. We also love some of the mindfulness apps out there, like Calm, which is a great way to end your day, get restful sleep so you can work out again tomorrow.
  4. Be safe: pushing yourself or not properly preparing your body for increased activity can also trigger exertion and even injury. Start small, and work your way up to the kind of endurance you see in workout videos from the pros.

Let’s schedule an adjustment and talk about where you want to be three months, six months, and a year from now!

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