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This winter, both Dr. Ashley Kauffman and Dr. Becky Beilstein welcomed babies into their families. We treat many families, including mothers who have recently delivered. So we understand the changes that pregnancy brings. We hope you will bring all members of your family to Rushmore Family Chiropractic including those new moms out there!

After you have a baby, it is natural to feel different than you did before your pregnancy. Emotionally, mentally and physically you have gone through a great change and it will take time to develop a new normal but you’ll never be exactly the same person you were before you became pregnant. It helps to be aware of these expected changes during your pregnancy, especially if this is your first baby.

Many women notice that, after delivery, their entire center of gravity seems to have shifted. Some moms even claim that they walk differently, after labor and delivery. Your hips may grow wider. The pregnancy weight may take a while to decrease. This can make movement, dressing and even just being inside your own skin feel different, even uncomfortable. Plus, there’s your mood changes. Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing left to give yourself. Your hormone levels change and you need extra attention, but those first few months after the baby arrives you’re basically just a milk machine. New moms are often so focused on their baby’s needs that they are not prioritizing themselves.

Some moms also feel weaker after delivery, sometimes for weeks or even months after. Some report that their sacrum feels wobbly and their pubic bone, immediately after delivery, hurts or experiencing sciatic pain. How are you supposed to take care of a newborn when you don’t feel well, or you hurt?

Plus, you’re fatigued, are sleeping less, feel stressed and your breasts are tender and sore. The last thing you’re thinking about is yourself, right new moms? But this is an important time to address your health needs. Your baby and family are relying upon you to help care for them, so you have to start by taking great care of yourself and being aware of your own changing needs.

It is critical for you to take care of yourself and to again feel happy and comfortable in your own skin. That starts with good medical care including resuming your regular adjustments at the chiropractor.

It helps if we have adjusted you before your pregnancy. We also have modified adjustments we can do on expectant moms, during pregnancy. But we definitely want you to come in post-delivery. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in your body. We can help make those spinal adjustments that will help you get comfortable again and we also offer a variety of supplements that may be able to help you regain your energy.

Babies are wonderful and important, but their mama’s are just as important! Let’s give a little love to new moms out there and make sure they are feeling healthy and happy.

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