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As your child grows older, becoming a pre-teen and an adolescent, you get to influence the choices they will make later in life. Your perspectives on health and wellness cannot help but spill over to your child, who will carry them into adulthood. One way to foster a spirit of self-care and a healthy relationship later with medical and wellness practices, is to introduce your kids to chiropractic care long before they turn eighteen.

If your teen asks you why chiropractic care is so important, explain to them that all body functions are controlled by the central nervous system. It’s like the Operating System for the human body. The nervous system includes all nerves throughout the body along with the spine, spinal cord and brain. In essence, we are machines. Your technology-obsessed teen might appreciate that analogy!


The central nervous system carries messages from the brain and the spine throughout the entire body. It’s how you know when you’re feeling pain as well as allowing all your organs to work properly. To have your body function at the absolutely highest level possible, this critical communication system must run without interference.

Chiropractic care is key to protecting your central nervous system. As adults, we understand how the body functions and our responsibility to our own health. But our teenagers might need a little more explanation, especially if they’re not experiencing any aches or problems and don’t yet see the value of preventative chiropractic care.

Ask them, “Are you going to brush your teeth for the rest of your life, even though your last cleaning at the dentist showed that you have no cavities?”

Or, “how about your car? Do you plan to get the oil changed, put gas in and have regular tune-ups in the future even though you just bought it?”

And, “Do you plan to download the latest OS update on your phone, although today everything is working just fine? Do you plan to charge it daily?”

Well, chiropractic adjustments are no less important than recharges, tune-ups and good dental maintenance. Chiropractic adjustments restore nervous function through the correction of misaligned vertebrae and increasing the joint range of motion. Chiropractic care is not just for those in pain – it is part of a healthy overall practice of wellness.

In addition to providing spinal adjustments and relieving pain, your friendly neighborhood chiropractor can also check for a host of other related issues. Ear, nose and throat problems, for instance. Sciatica and other nerve-connected issues. Even your immune system is tied to your central nervous system and the folks at Rushmore Family Chiropractic have solutions to help. Ask us about our immune-supporting products. We carry a variety of natural and holistic products to help keep you healthy, at any age.

Your teen is just an adult-in-training. If you haven’t brought him or her to the chiropractor yet, this is a great time to start them on the path to a lifelong respect and responsibility for their health needs.

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